18 September 2006

1 More Houseware...

Tea cups can be a little too grandma if not executed just right. Umbra, the housewares company formed in 1979 and named after the Latin word for "shade," has solved this problem with their gorgeously chic, silicone-coated, vintage tea cups.

The Tassa cup and saucer are one-of-a-kind mini art projects designed by Michelle Ivankovic--check out September's issue of Lucky for a bio on her and her must-haves. In the meantime, pick up a few of these candy-colored cups and saucers to perfectly hinge past and present together.

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17 September 2006

1 More Film...

Transformers. 7-4-07.
There's nothing else to say.

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1 More Band...

Australian bands: INXS, ACDC, Jet, Silverchair. YOU AM I.

They're drunk, they're lanky, and lead singer, Tim Rogers' raspy melodies will leave you with goosebumps. Sure you might slip into a wave of depression after listening closely to the lyrics, but isn't that what all good rock is supposed to do?

In a time when music careers are based on winning a reality TV show, You Am I have been playing dark venues since the early 90's. The good venues, with dim lighting, strong drinks, and a bathroom you could catch a disease from. No ticketmaster, no 9 year-olds with their parents, no branded concession stand.

In a rare visit, You Am I will be playing in major cities throughout the US in October. Grab a drink and your slimmest jeans to join this Aussie quartet while you can.

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16 September 2006

1 More Designer...

Fashion Week Spring 2007 has come to an end, and it's time to give everything you own to Goodwill and replace it with everything fantastic seen on the runways. Of course this isn't a reality, but if it were, closets of fashionistas everywhere would be overflowing with the intricate designs from LA design duo, Rodarte.

Sisters Laura and Kate Mulleavy bring couture-level design to New York--a feat usually only seen at the Paris shows. With a front-row including Anna Wintour, Hal Rubenstein, and Carine Roitfeld, expect to be hearing a lot more of this unexpected design powerhouse.

Details including intricate floral appliqu├ęs and the hard-to-achieve, structured volume, Rodarte's clothing takes fashion from the racks of the mass market to the walls of an art gallery. Fashion as technique and design is a lost art, especially in America, but with the Mulleavy sisters making waves, change is on its way.

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1 More Curiosity...

As repulsive as frog-dissection was in high-school, the novelty around it cannot be ignored. Bringing to mind images of girls in bobby socks and boys in striped polo shirts, biology labs and the frogs they love, are from a time before political correctness and PETA, and more from a time of tuna noodle casserole.

Jack Spade has brought back memories of a simpler era with their partly repulsive, partly genius Frog Dissection Kit. Everything you need (including the formaldehyde soaked frog) come in a convenient pouch, perfect for gift giving.

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1 More Photo...

Steven Miesel for Vogue Italia

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1 More Houseware...

The most fun part of a lottery ticket is the scratch-and-win requirement. While chances of winning are slim, achieving the perfect scratch-off pattern is always rewarding. Linda Florence, a London-based designer, has tapped into the gambler in all of us with her scratch-off wallpaper.

A thin silver coating is applied over the intricate floral designs allowing users to customize their walls beyond the application of a pretty paper or border. Remove it all or leave a few quarters around for visitors to lend a hand in revealing the swirling florals beneath.

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1 More Artist...

E.V. Day has been breaking making headlines with her "Exploding Couture" and "Tongues and Clams" installastions. This past summer, "Bride Fight," a three month long installation in New York's famed Lever House, showcased two bridal gowns and corresponding paraphernalia dueling by way of high-tension fishing line.

Touching on the bridezilla phenomenon that has swept America, Day's piece opens discussions of social consciousness and materialism while invoking comparisons to sci-fi and anime character design.

With past exhibitions in the Whitney Museum of Art, MOMA and the New York Public Library, and commissioned pieces from NASA, Day is on the verge of becoming a household name.

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02 June 2006

1 More Film...

A trifecta of coolness:
  • Michael Hutchence. Check.
  • Johnny Depp. Check.
  • Kate Moss. Check.

No, it's not a 90's heroin chic dream. It's a soon-to-be reality from director Nick Egan. Depp is rumored to be playing Hutchence, while Moss will be cast as girlfriend, Paula Yates in the biopic of the life of the famed INXS singer, who was found dead in a bathtub in 1997.

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1 More Designer...

So, interior designs have been a bit on the boring side lately. Sleek designs in colorful palettes are found in every shop in Tribeca. Even mass merchants like Target and IKEA have claimed the colorul modernist approach to furniture and design as their own.

Thankfully, Jaime Hayon has the perfect combination of art, design and practicality in everyone of his Elle Deco International Design Award-winning pieces.

A sleek black horse head becomes a playful planter. A lampstand bubbles like a softserve ice cream cone.

Don't fret if you don't have the bank to cover your home in these delightful pieces. Hayon has become a regular in the gallery scene. With past shows in Minneapolis, London, Madrid and other globetrotting locales, an afternoon of ink drawings on ceramic plates is in your near future.

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02 April 2006

1 More Accessory...

Sure Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld have been going strong for years. There's the rumored parternship with H&M, last year's Met exhibit, the influx of young Hollywood wearing the designs, and the always steady fan-base of ladies-who-lunch, wearing the classic suits at every social occasion.

On the Spring 2006 runway, Chanel featured the perfect compliment to every downtown girl's skinny jeans: slouchy leather gators. Strapped on everything from boots to wafer-thin sandals, these gauntlets are hip enough to demolish last year's ridiculous cowboy boot craze.

To put a cherry on the sundae, there's even matching cuffs. Bye, bye terry wristbands.

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1 More TV Show...

If you've ever spoken to me, you know I'm more than slightly obsessed with Lost. First, thank you important Lost people for not only giving us a new episode, but following the previous week with another new episode. Let's keep this pace going! Secondly, I'd like to motion for Lost to be shown on a daily basis. Not only will it prevent me from leaving my apt and spending money on cocktails, but the Season 2 DVD's will be released earlier than scheduled, giving me even more reason to stay recluse.

As this is more of a review site than a personal opinion site, the only reason this personal post made it up here, is how unbelievable this turn of events is over in Lost-world.

Now for the recap: I've seen last week's episode twice and I'm not going to give away anything important. Let's just say the picture below has taken over my life and has been in my dreams more than one time. Helpful sidenote, Entertainment Weekly has a great little recap about the map, as does every other fan site.

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28 March 2006

1 More Film...

I realize that the now cult-classic film, Donnie Darko, has been at the front of everyone's favorites list for quite some time now. There was the original and then the director's cut, but even more interesting is the extensive website complementing Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal's unforgettable film.

Secret passwords and Roberta Sparrow's book will either answer the 100's of questions or create 100's more. Either way, it's a must view for any DD fan.

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1 More Store...

Saks? Too mainstream. Barney's? Too high profile. Lucky for us, Seven, the New York super boutique, has reopened in their new space on Mercer. A subterranean space is lined with racks upon racks of togs from the fashion world's favorite indie wonders.

Expert tailoring by Boudicca, the skinniest jeans by Tsubi and A.C.N.E, and the muted palette from Myself by Kai Kuhne are just the tip of the iceberg. Jewels from House of Waris (designed by the Life Aquatic star, Waris,) and accessories by Natalia Brilli round off the spectacular mix.

Not in NYC? Seven now has an online boutique for their favorite out of town customers.

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26 March 2006

1 More Magazine...

It's 2006, yet other than the amount of advertising and the quality of stock, magazines have been in the same format since the dark ages. Fly put an end to that and brought magazines from paper to DVD. With designs from Boudicca, YSL, Marc Jacobs and Cloak and video interviews with Ryan McGinness and John Malkovich, Fly takes magazines from Pret-a-Porter to Couture.

Each short features one designer and is meticulously shot and mixed with a soundtrack so stellar, it could stand on its own. Nine music videos, six interviews/documentaries, 14 fashion films and over 90% original content, don't be surprised if the entire afternoon passes before you can break yourself away. Subscribe for a year and get a new DVD every quarter.

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